2013 Calendar of CFA cat shows

Feb 9-10Hawkeye State Cat Club - Altoona, IA4AB/2SP
Feb 9-10Ruban D'Or Chat Fanciers - Taito-Ku Tokyo, Japan6AB/2SP
Feb 9-10Club Felino Espanol - Madrid, Spain8AB
Feb 10Carolina Sophisticats and Tarheel Triangle Cat Fanciers - Concord, NC6ABCLOSED
Feb 10Steel City Kitties - Pittsburgh, PA4AB/2SPCLOSED
Feb 16Midlantic Persian & Himalayan Fanciers - Raleigh, NC6AB
Feb 16Kittyhawk Felines - Dayton, OH4AB/2SPCanceled
Feb 16-17Black Diamond Cat Club & Ramapo Cat Fanciers - Phoenixville, PA10AB
Feb 16-17Front Range Cat Fanciers - Brighton, CO10AB
Feb 16-17Sunflower Cat Club - Tokyo, Japan6AB/2SP
Feb 16-17Lincoln State Cat Club - Palatine, IL6AB/2SP
Feb 23Cascade Cat Fanceirs & That's My Point Cat Fanciers - Melbourne, FL5AB/1SP
Feb 23Malibu Cat Club - Glendale, CA6AB
Feb 23National Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club, Inc. - Iselin, NJ5AB/1SP
Feb 23Wildcatters Cat Club - Beaumont, TX5AB/1SP
Feb 23Ganba Kobe Cat Club - Kobe-Shi,Japan5AB/1SP
Feb 23-24Rolandus Cat Club - Lviv, Ukraine8AB
Feb 24National Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club, Inc. - Iselin, NJ5AB/1SP
Feb 24Pacific Rim Allbreed Cat Fanciers - Longview, WA6AB
Feb 24Ganba Kobe Cat Club - Kobe-Shi,Japan5AB/1SP
March 2Foothills Felines - Shelby, NC6AB
March 2Feline Forum of Greater NY - Hammonton, NJ6AB
March 2Camino Real Cat Fanciers - Albuquerque, NM6ABCanceled
March 2-3Midwest TGIF - Indianapolis, IN10AB
March 2-3Chatte Noir Club - Krasnogorsk, Russia8AB
March 2-3Dutch Purrpuss Club with European Shorthair Club - Wijchen, Netherlands7AB/3SP
March 3Genesee Cat Fanciers Club - Brockport, NY5AB/1SP
March 3Japan Norwegian Forest Cat BC - Tokyo, Japan5AB/1SP
March 9Mo-Kan Cat Club - Overland Park, KS5AB/1SP
March 9Nekogatari Cat Club - Tokyo, Japan6AB
March 9-10Atlanta Phoenix Cat Society - Cumming, GA6AB/2SP
March 9-10Crab And Mallet Cat Club - Baltimore, MD7AB/1SP
March 9-10Mckenzie River Cat Club - Portland, OR7AB/1SP
March 9-10Cat Fanciers of Finland - Helseinki, Finland6AB
March 9-10Cat Fancier's of Brazil - San Paulo, Brazil4AB
March 16Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers - Canonsburg, PA6AB
March 16Warwick Valley Feline Fanciers - Matamoras, PA6AB
March 16-17Rolandus Cat Club - Kiev, Ukraine8AB
March 16-17Idaho Cat Fanciers - Boise, ID5AB/1SP
March 16-17Ozark Cat Fanciers and Fort Worth Cat Club - Cleburne, TX8AB/2SP
March 16-17Nishi Nihon Cat Club - Osaka, Japan7AB/1SP
March 17Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers - Canonsburg, PA6AB

March 23Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers - Knoxville, TN6AB
March 23Cats Eye Fanciers - Tokyo, Japan5AB/1SP
March 23-24Cats Incredible - Stamford, CT8AB
March 23-24Cat'N On The Fox and North Shore Cat Club - Wheaton, IL7AB/3SP
March 23-24Aurora Cat Club - St Petersburg, Russia8AB
March 23-24Pearl River Cat Club - Beijing, China9AB/1SP
March 27-28Cat Fashion - Mikva, Israel2SP
March 29CFA Clerking School - Frederick, MDCheryl Coleman instructor
March 30Mad Catters - Frederick, MD6AB
March 30Greater Baton Rouge Cat Club - Gonzales, LA5AB/1SP
March 30Ameridream Cat Club with Fukuoka Cat Fanciers, Japan Dancing Cat Club, Sacramento Valley Cat Fanciers - Tokyo, Japan5AB/1SP
March 30-31Topeka Cat Fanciers - Topeka, KS8AB
March 30-31Pearl River Cat Club - Guangzhou, China7AB/1SP
March 30-31Rolandus Cat Club - Lviv, Ukraine8AB
March 31Portland Cat Club with Kyoto Skylark Cat Club, Keystone Cat Fanciers - Tokyo, Japan6AB
March 31Milkyway Cat Fanciers - Daegu S. Korea4AB
April 6Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers - Mansfield, OH6AB
April 6Cats of Wisconsin Cat Club - Waukesha, WI4AB/2SP
April 6Riverside Cat Club Japan - Tokyo, Japan5AB/1SP
April 6Chatte Noir Club - Moscow, Russia6AB
April 6Swedish Cat Paws - Solna, Sweden6AB
April 6-7Crow Canyon Cat Club - Pleasanton, CA8AB
April 6-7Oklahoma City Cat Club - Oklahoma, OK6AB/2SP
April 7Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers - Mansfield, OH6AB
April 7Swedish Cat Paws - Solna, Sweden6AB
April 13Gasparilla Feline Friends - Melbourne, FL5AB/1SPComing Soon
April 13Puget Sound Cat Club - Longview, WA6AB
April 13-14Delaware River Cats - Freehold, NJ8AB/2SPComing Soon
April 13-14Foot of The Rockies Cat Club - Denver, CO10AB
April 20North Texas Cat Club - Mesquite, TX6AB
April 20Southern Tier - Binhamton, NY6ABComing Soon
April 20Cat Fashion - Netanya, Israel4AB
April 20-21Cincinnati Cat Club - Cleves, OH6AB/4SP
April 20-21China Phoenix Cat Club - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia8AB
April 20-21China Pearl Feline Fanciers - Beijing, China8AB
April 20-21North Land Cat Fanciers - Hokkaido, Japan6AB/2SP
April 21Club Felins Fleur De Lys - Binhamton, NY6ABComing Soon
April 21Southeastern Persian Sociey - Richmond, VA6ABComing Soon
April 21National Birman Fanciers - Mesquite, TX5AB1SP
April 27Los Colores Cat Club - Palm Springs, CA6AB
April 27Greater St Louis Cat Club - St Louis, MO6ABComing Soon
April 27Sign of the Cat - Easton, PA 6ABComing Soon
April 27Cat Nation Fanciers - Erie, PA6AB
April 27-28Rip City Cats with West Coast Cats - Chehalis, WA7AB/1SP
April 27-28Cats N Cats - Compiegne, France7AB/1SP
April 27-28Sarawak Cat Club - Kuching, Malaysia8AB
April 27-28United Feline Odyssey - Hong Kong, China5AB
April 28America's Heartland - St Louis, MO6ABComing Soon
April 28Oriental Shorthairs of America - Easton, PA 6ABComing Soon
April 28Buffalo Cat Fanciers - Erie, PA6AB
April 28Passion Feline Fanciers - Guangzhou, China10AB
Sept 2013American Gothic Cat Club - Peoria, IL
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