Are you allergic to cats?


 Do you sneeze and wheeze?

 Do your eyes water around cats?

The Siberian cat may be just the cat breed for you.

Many long time allergy suffers have been very successful with the Siberian cat. Although it is not going to work for all allergy sufferers it has worked for many.

Although there is no scientific data available supporting this and also none that can disprove this the Siberian cat appears to be the cat of choice for many allergy sufferers.

If you are an allergy sufferer you should visit with a Siberian cat in person, preferably with a Siberian cat breeder who has a litter available. This way you would be able to make multiple visits as the kitten grows to be sure your allergies are not triggered. Some breeders will share their allergy experiences with you and we suggest you visit our TAIGA Siberian Breed Club "Catteries Listing" page to find a Siberian cat breeder within your area. You may be allergic to one Siberian cat and not another. Breeders have had experiences where allergy sufferers have not been allergic to a Siberian kitten but reacted to this kittens mother. Is color a factor? Some cat breeders say yes and some say no. Is sex a contributing factor? Again some say yes and some say no. It all comes down to YOU and the individual cat/kitten near you at the time.

Please remember it is important for you to check your allergy reaction around cats and kittens of breeder you're planning to get a kitten from. It can be very traumatic experience for both, you and a kitten,  if your allergies act up and you have to shipped the kitten back .